Great Wall of China

If you are traveling to Beijing, Great Wall is always a must visit! But my experience is a bit different.

I went there during China National Day (October) and that was the scariest nightmare I ever had in my life.  I experienced Jakarta's 'macet' (traffic jam) before but this one is even HELL.

As many as 10,000 vehicles, mostly trucks, are crammed fender to fender for 74.5 miles (120 km) along the north-south Beijing-Tibet expressway. That's the only road to the Great Wall.

According to the national paper, the gridlock began in August when various sections along the expressway were jamming up due to road construction. Bad timing, huh...

However, I managed to run (about 1.5km) from the road to the ticket counter of Great Wall and take picture from outside. Once I entered Great Wall and climb to the first check-point, it was dark already. Argghhhh... I almost cry, man! How can I show off to my brother? LOL.

 Thats the Great Wall at my back. Lets run to the ticket counter...

 Oh no... its getting darker...

 Im afraid if I cant make it...

Picture from the staircase. On the way to the first check-point

Alamak, its dark already... Uwaaa...

The only picture that I managed to capture at the first check-point. A least you can see the 'wall' (nothing is 'great' anymore). Hehehehe.

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