Chengdu Summer Palace

Located about three hours driving from Beijing, lets explore Chengdu Imperial Summer Palace.

It is the largest ancient imperial garden complex in China. It can be found on the west bank of the Wulie River in Chengdu and is a little difficult to miss as it covers a massive 5,640,000 square metres.

Construction of the palace began in 1703 under the reign of Emperor Kangxi and was completed in 1790 by Emperor Qianlong. The palace was original built as a boundary to keep the emperor safe from local minority affairs. However it’s not just an ordinary palace built to protect the emperor, inside are several areas which replicate scenic spots across China.

The lakes in the South East of the palace replicate the lakes on Jiangnan, and the grasslands in the North replicate the Mongolian grasslands. The mountains to the West resemble the highlands and mountain areas and the palace walls themselves are a replica of the Great Wall.

Memorizing all the history and story behind it is killing me but it was fun to see and record in your traveling journal. Learning about the emperor history has taught  me to appreciate our own unique culture. It will teach us how to be a better human being in the universe.

 Tired walking la... so we rented this vehicle. Hehehe.

 Me in Mongolian outfit. I paid 30Yuan (RM15) for renting the baju. Oh ya, one more tips, do not malu-malu to bargain for the lowest price.

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