Thailand and its FOOD!

Thailand is famous for its food. Every time I blog about this, my mouth waters. Damn!

Almost every street corner has a collection of food stalls. Many shop houses also sell food on the ground floor. However, for the newcomer, ordering genuine Thai street food may be a bit daunting.

Just take a look at the menus on the wall of this food shop. Everything is in Thai. You will also find that many of the food vendors don’t speak much English. Of course, you could just try and point to what you want, but quite often, all that is on show are the ingredients.

No more explanation. Just enjoy the pictures. Tapun....

 My number one favorite, Telur Dadar Sayur Masak Asam Pedas

 Seafood Tomyam

 Pineapple Fried Rice

 Steam Fish

 Fried Meat

 Kangkung Belacan

Sweet and Sour Fish

 Sambal Udang

 Sambal Sotong

 Kerabu Mempelam

 That's explain everything, rite?

I'm not a fan of exotic food but fried grasshopper also available

Thailand version of Butod (Fried Sago Worms)

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Cynta said...

Hi Mariah! Punya sedap2 the food in your post! Tapuuunnn!! Nice blog and guess what? You have earned another blog follower ^_^ do continue writing about your travels, can't wait for more!

Yong Radzia said...

Waaaa...rindunya saya...mcmn mau msk ni arr...mari p hatyai amik kos msk tu yg gmbr 1st...haha

Diana Diane Teo said...

Hi there! Saw your blog from Sabahan Bloggers group. Your pics makes my air liur meleleh-leleh..

Do feel free to drop by my blog too as I blog about travel just like you ;)

LM the Traveler said...

thanks for the comments, girls.. really appreciate it. i will follow u all back but not today because im still figuring out how to do it. hahahaha. i clicked follow but it doesn't works. hahahaha.

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