Jakarta and Food

My first time to Jakarta, Indonesia was in 2008 when I visited my ex-classmate. Its fun driving around to the city but one thing that you guys should remember, don't mess around when it comes to motorbikes.

It's common to see three, four, or five people on a motorbike. They use the sidewalk, go against traffic, and I even saw a guy ride one into a mall. You gotta love that.

Forget about the traffic jam and motorbike and lets talk about food. OMG! I gained about 3kgs in a week there.

There are a lot of things that are insanely delicious. If you are going there in anytime soon, I can assure that heaven awaits you.

There are Nasi Campur, Nasi Tim, Nasi Kuning, Nasi Goreng and many other nasi. Nasi means rice and many kinds of soups. Oxtail Soup, Soto Pekalongan, Rawon, Fish head soup, etc, etc. And then the Satays: Sate kambing (lamb kebabs), Satay Ayam (chicken). The peanut sauce is just superb.

My favorite, of course the lamb kebabs, located on the way from Jakarta to Puncak, Bogor. The picture was taken during my visit (plus the empty plates). LOL.

Another food that I still remember until today: Nasi Padang! OMG! Rice with more than 10 lauk-pauk. Soooo delicious!

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