Shopping in Hatyai

Shopping in Hat Yai is really fun especially if you like to buy cheap cheap clothing, earrings, souvenirs or even dried foods.

You can also buy from the street vendors, which normally come out to sell their things starting around 5pm to midnight.

My favourite, Lee Garden Plaza and Asean Trade Market. Four hours shopping is not enough.

At Lee Garden Plaza, they sell the best foods in Thailand and don't be surprise most of them can speak Malay (in Kelantan accent).

Meanwhile, Asean Trade Market located next to Hat Yai Bus Station. Wide market famous for second hand brand clothes, bags and shoes, but interesting local design new clothes and some vintage decorative stuff can be found here as well. Lot of food stalls inside. Wednesday to Sunday 5.00 to 10.00 pm.

 Food? clothes? Souvenir? Come to Hat Yai with lots of $$$

 Underwear with fake hair? Hahahaha. Also available in Hat Yai

 Tuk-tuks are everywhere. Just tell them which market you wanna go.
 RM10 per tuk-tuk/ trip (wherever you wanna go around the city).

If you want more adventure, try their 'Kain Sarong' fitting room. If you want to try any baju or pants, make sure you are willing to use sarong as fitting room. Hahahaha it will be fun, man!

My friend trying her new jeans. Hahahaha.

The most important I tell you the food.... urghhhh!!! No need to explain. Just look at this pictures. Heaven, man!

Tadaaaa.... Hehehehehe. Eating street food is cheap and yummy. We (three person) paid less than RM20 for all of these. Oh... burppp. OOps! Hehehe.

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Cynta said...

Wah..siok!! I must add Hatyai to my must-visit list ;-)

LM the Traveler said...

must visit tu cynta... and its cheap lagi compare to europe.

+ wlin ~ said...

hi there, would like to ask the Asean Trade Market got open at Wednesday ah?

LM the Traveler said...

i forgot la babe. but there are many night market around hatyai. just ask the tuk-tuk, they will assist u.

+ wlin ~ said...

Okok, thanks for your reply^^

LM the Traveler said...

no prob. thanks for reading this blog :)

Anonymous said...

hi..which hotel did u stay in hatyai..and is the asean trade market and lee garden plaza located neraby??

LM the Traveler said...

Hi, there. We stayed at Pink Lady Hotel, located a few steps from the Lee Garden Plaza. Trade markets are everywhere, if you have more money just take tuk-tuk and ask them to send you to the other side of the night market. So many markets.

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