Songkhla, Thailand

Songkhla, one of Thailand's important ports and coastal provinces, is located 950 kilometers from Bangkok.

Occupying an area of 7,393 square kilometers on the eastern side of Semenanjung Malaysia, the province is bordered by the States of Kedah and Perlis to the south and the Gulf of Thailand to the east.

During my visit to Hatyai, I and my girls rented a private taxi (cost us about RM100) to Songkhla and we went to several places such as Songkhla Aquarium, Songkhla Beach, Songkhla National Museum  and Kadai Makan (Hahahaha please don't forget that if you are in Thailand. You will never regret it).

That's the mermaid statue at Songkhla Beach

 At the entrance of Songkhla Aquarium

 Do not forget your sunblock.

Learning the history on Songkhla is like knowing the connection between Malays and the Siam people.

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