Boracay Island, HEAVEN!

Kumusta ka ngayon? (How are you all?)

Since I've shared my Manila backpacking experience in the previous entry, I am proud to share another story, my short trip to Boracay Island, rated as one of the best island in the world.

No matter how many images we took from our digital cameras and DSLRs, nothing beats seeing this island in person. If you think my photos are beautiful, you haven't seen anything yet. Boracay is heaven!

Oh... it was two days experience visiting heaven but we have been kicked out because not enough 'pahala'. We must do more good things (saving money) and come back there soon... Hehehehe.

This trip was something that worth to do again.

The calm sea and white fine sands attract loads of tourists. Sunset is magically there, and the whole beach comes into action immediately after that. Things are not cheap, as can be expected, but budget accommodations can still be found especially near Terminal 3.

There are two ways to fly to Boracay through Manila Airport. You can either fly a little plane to Caticlan and take a boat across to Boracay, or you can take a larger plane to Kalibo, take a bus for a couple of hours, then a boat to get to Boracay. We actually doing the Kalibo. It is all about price for me. Cheaper but need more time. I don't mind. The 'heaven' is more important.

At the first day of Boracay trip, we woke up at 3am and took a cab to Manila Airport about 4am. We checked-in before 5pm and board at 6am.

We arrived Kalibo International Airport before 8am and we took mini bus to Aklan, Malay for three hours. It was the only gateway to the island.

It took about 20 minutes to reach the island from the jetty in Aklan. Since I have contacted one of guesthouse in the island a week before, we took tricycle to St. Vincent Cottages located at Station 3. Waldo, (person in-charge that time) was waiting for us with his sweet smile. We were so excited with the hospitality in Boracay. I can see 70 per cent of people there are tourists from around the globe and the locals are very friendly. No one was rude to us.

I am recommending St. Vincent Cottages because they are charging affordable price and you can walk to the beach. For those who wants to save money, you can cook by yourself because they have kitchen for their guests.

I just hope St. Vincent Cottages will consider buying new pan and plates just for Muslim guests to cook because it is not easy to find Muslim restaurants there. Most Muslims prefer to cook in separate pan with pork eaters. Well, its just a suggestion to attract clients.

Back to our trip, by the time we arrived, it was actually pouring rain, and I almost cried because we have a very short time there. I am scared if we have to cancel our island hopping activity.

Alhamdulillah, the rain stopped before afternoon and thanks to our host, Dudong who help us finding a simple Muslim restaurant. It was expensive paying about RM20 each for a normal rice, ikan masak lemak and an egg but we were hungry. It was not easy to find Muslim restaurant, so we 'belasah' whatever infront of us. LOL.

After makan, Dudong offered us a private island hopping and charged less than 2,000 Pesos for a three hours trip around the island. We agreed and spent the three hours at Crystal Cove Island, fish feeding and tea-break in Puka Beach. OMG. It was too little time!

It was a very fun experience. It was my first time in Boracay, especially traveling together with my soon to be hubby (Insyallah). It was so exciting. We plan to go back next time. Boracay is so addicting…Hehehehe…

If you love to relax, it’s a good place, if you want to party at night it’s also a good spot. What more can you ask for? It’s a relaxing and fun place to be.

Although we were a little scared of the climate that time (there was a typhoon two weeks before we arrived), Alhamdulillah everything was OK.

Before sunset, me and BF spent a few hours time at the beach, dating and then swim at the ocean. We have to take turn because no one is looking after our towel and camera. After that, I did my hair (braided) and my BF tattooed his arm with henna.

We ate rice for dinner and walk from Station 3 to Station 1 (about 1 KM long) to see the whole area. Clubs are everywhere and I don't think the island is going to be silent. Almost everywhere has a happy hour with most starting at 5 to 7, however there are some that start earlier and go later.

We went back to our room about 1am and everyone are still around, drinking, chit chatting, massaging... etc. in short, its HEAVEN!

Next morning, we got up early for a sunrise. I cant tell you my feeling but it was one of the best moment in my life. My whole experience in Boracay is not easy to describe. I am falling for the island.

I am sure that I will come back there but I'm thinking of Palawan Island, Bali and Phuket). New Year, maybe?
Pray harder for Airasia and Malaysia Airlines. Hope they will give more promotions!

Sleepy face... waiting for flight at Manila Airport to Kalibo

Reaching Kalibo

Very excited after reaching Kalibo

Still in Kalibo Airport. Yeah, thats our comfy plane, Philippines Airlines.

Aklan, Malay. Gateway to Boracay Island

Tricycle from jetty to Station 3

Walking to guesthouse...
One the way to Crystal Cove Island
 (by boat)

Bigger boat for a bigger group...

Selling ice-cream? Huhuhu.. very creative!

Look at the clear water

That's the Crystal Cove Island! located in-front of Boracay white sand beach.

Five of us posing together. Hehehe...
Even the birds are very 'friendly' to the island visitors...

Scenery at Crystal Cove Island

Still in Crystal Cove Island

Beautiful Crystal Cove Island

I'm going inside the first cave in the island

That's the crystal that they found in the island...

Crystal water inside the first cave in Crystal Cove Island

I wish this is my balcony :)

Second destination- Puka Beach

That's our smaller boat. Faster! Hehehehe.
Happy moment at Puka Beach...

Having juice while enjoying fresh wind at Puka Beach...

Look at them. Enjoying the heaven!

Us, walking around the island...

Fireballs performance...

Lobesters. Lobsters...

The next morning... feeling the sunrise...

We really love this place...

The cousins... My BF and Yong, showing off their tattoo ;-)

Us, enjoying our last day in Boracay...
So sweet.. pink towel dwoh.. Hahahahaha.

Taking pictures with style, yo!

That's our last day in Boracay.

Few more minutes before going back to hostel. Packing!

Sooo hungry! Lunch with love.


Last photo in Boracay. Infront of our hostel room. Timmy 3!

Tricycle ride to jetty.

Goodbye, paradise... til we come back!

We will come back!

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Nani said...

bila la Simpang Mengayau tu dibuat macam tu?

Azeanthy Paiman said...

nice trip u had!i follow u.follow me back ya=)

LM the Traveler said...

Nani: mungkin kesesuaian simpang mengayau utk buat begini tiada bah... i think ada tempat d bangkau2, pitas yg ada potensi utk buat ni.

azeanty: thanks. and followed :-)

LJ said...

hola there!

blog hopping here.
nice n informative blog u have here.

p/s me a pren of Joan n Yong (^__^)

LM the Traveler said...

thanks for dropping by, LJ :)

nilij said...

Hello hello
a pitstop after clicking a link from MBC facebook page.
Nice photos and trip!
that lobster is HUGE too, hehe!


LM the Traveler said...

thanks :D

Trip@dora said...

Mabuhay! I'm very happy to read your entry. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my country :) Boracay is indeed popular. But there are more islands to explore in the Philippines. You can check out my blog: for other adventures in the Philippines.

LM the Traveler said...

thanks for sharing ur blog, dear... love it :)
will be visiting palawan next time.

zilla said...

LH, dah penah sampai ke batan island?

biasanya kalau pesawat yang menghubungkan antara manila dan pulau2 yang ada ini kita perlu beli tiketnya lebih awal atau mcm mana ya?

LM the Traveler said...

iya, zilla... kena beli lebih awal dan saya beli online. main hentam je cari flights available dari internet. bayar pakai credit card.

Anonymous said...

hi dear,

erm boleh recommend apa nama tempat utk makanan halal tu and dudong contact number ker...plan ke sana june ini :)

LM the Traveler said...

hi, babe.
i lupa nama kedai jual makanan halal tu tapi boleh cari dudung di rumah pakcik dia, berhadapan dengan St. Vincent Cottages (kat kawasan pantai tu macam diorang mengenali antara satu sama lain). kalau nak tinggal di tempat kami tinggal, boleh refer website ni:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info babe ...
transport from kalibo to boracay..mmg 3hrs ker...u deal dgn hotel directly kan...anyway thanks ya

LM the Traveler said...

a'ah, memang 3 jam dan jalan dia agak sempit (mcm naik kat cameron highlands). tapi bila dah sampai island segalanya akan terubat.

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