Sabah 6th International Folklore Festival

The Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) is back, and this time is expected to feature 18 international cultural troupes.

This will be the 6th time such a prestigious event is being held in Sabah followed by the successful show started in the year of 2011, 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

I followed this event since 2009 without missed!

Most of the dancers arrived KK on 17th July (on my birthday) and attended a few welcoming dinner organized by various government agencies.

I am sure the competition are going to be stiff this year because I can see the energy and spirit among all participants.

The first appearance of all countries was on July 19th, where all participants parade from KK Community Hall to City Hall building with their full-costume.

It was fun witnessing these dancers performing on the street. I'm so lucky because my office is located in Jalan Pantai. Sempat la ambil a few pix! I also join them for an afternoon tea with the Mayor (FYI, I was invited, ok) hehehehe.

SIFF is truly meant to be an east-west cultural rendezvous in promoting peace through culture.

The main objective of SIFF are to promote culture tourism among participating countries and to introduce the State rich and unique cultures.

If you are a culture enthusiast, then this folklore festival is not something for you to miss.







One of dancers from Namibia


That's the dancers from Latvia

From Indonesia...




Date: 20 and 21 July 2011
Place: Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price: RM10 (adult) and RM5 (children under 17)

Date: 23 and 24 July 2011
Place: Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price: RM50 (premier class), RM30 (adult) and RM10 (children)

Date: 22 July 2011
Place: Magellan Sutera Harbour, KK
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price: RM10,000/ RM5,000/ RM3,000/ RM1,000 (per table)

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Meitzeu said...

This is something I wanna see!

chegu carol said...

Where can get the tickets ya? Direct to Sabah Cultural Centre kah?

LM the Traveler said...

sorry lambat reply.. u guys can buy from the entrance...

Olga said...

Thank you for fotos,greetings from Slovakia. On the third picture are dancers of Klnka from Bratislava with my daughter.

LM the Traveler said...

hi, glad u found ur daughter's photos here. will post more pictures on the international competition. which one is ur daughter? who's her name?

Olga said...

My daughter´s name is Lucia. You can see her on picture from festival in your city here:

LM the Traveler said...

they are soooo cute. i love Slovakia costume.

floyd said...

OMG, i missed this one. Hope they will have similar event (or a bigger one) next year. Would love to take pics of this colourful celebration.

LM the Traveler said...

more information can be found in sabah tourism website... SIFF is an annual event, best berabis nih!

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