Mount Kinabalu- I failed!

Most climbers claimed that Mount Kinabalu is one of the world's easiest mountains to climb.

Really? Hehehehe that's soooo wrong! I was not prepared to climb, and yes, I failed.

Many climbers attempt the trip from Kota Kinabalu to the summit and back in just two days. Yes, it can be done. I just came back from Mount Kinabalu trip three days ago with Yong Radzia (my travel buddy cum sister-in-law) and the other 20 participants that we know through my friend.

We arrived at Sutera Sanctuary Lodges office at Kinabalu Park at about 8.30am and register our name, packing our lunch and get ready to the Timpohon Gate (first check-point) at about 10am.

It is true that climbing Mount Kinabalu doesn't require any mountaineering skills, and the well maintained trail follows the line of least resistance all the way up. But make no mistaken the climb is extremely strenuous, taxing both your legs and lungs. So, it is worth embarking on a regular exercise programme to make sure you are fit for the climb.

I gave up at Pondok Kandis, first trail shelter at 1,981 metres because of my asthma and shoes problem. My bad, I did not check my shoes and also not enough exercise. I started my 4kms running and brisk walk daily only two weeks before. NOT ENOUGH! At least two or three months before.

If you are carrying a heavy pack, you may need a porter to carry for you up and down (payment RM10 per kg).

I am also suggesting you to pay every fees at the operator accommodation, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges to ease your journey. Book earlier (IMPORTANT)! Try to book your climbing permit, guide and bus to Timpohon Gate.

If you start climbing at 10.30am, you will arrive Laban Rata about 3-5pm in the afternoon. If you arrive between 6pm to 7pm, the guide will not allow you to climb to the peek at the next day.

By the time you arrive Laban Rata, please enjoy your meal and have a good rest (if weather permitting, spend some time to capture the sunset). Next morning, your guide will force you to get up very early, have breakfast and departure for the summit at 3am.

You will arrive the peek during sunrise. Quickly take pictures and start going down to the Laban Rata rest house, breakfast, rest for a while and go back down to the park headquarters. Have launch and go back home!

Since I did not climb to the summit, I stayed at the hostel waiting for the rest to come down. "Takkan lari gunung dikejar" will climb again next year.

P/S: My last (third) climb was in 2000. I was soo crazy about the Millennium Certificate So, it was not frustrating because I have reached the highest mountain in South East Asia. I just don't want to push myself.

 Had protein breakfast at Tamparuli Town before heading to Kundasang.

 This is our packed lunch prepared by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

 Don't forget your lipgloss ;-)

 As usual, photo session with my dear Yong Radzia before start climbing

 Carrying my 5kgs backpack at Timpohon Gate, the starting point.

Yong Radzia with her backpack. Its camera and winter jacket. So heavy!

 One of participants in our group.

 Waterfall near Timpohon Gate.

 Beautiful sunset from Laban Rata (it was raining, can't see the sunset)

 Early morning climb to the summit

Sunrise on the top of Mount Kinabalu...

Allah is the greatest. Yong Radzia said the sun moved across the sky so fast. She can see it clearly. It was an amazing feeling. SubahanAllah...

Going down to Laban Rata after conquering the summit.

Mount Kinabalu, the pride of Sabahan.

Congratulations my dear friend, Yong Radzia for making it to the summit. It was her second attempt after 11 years. We can do it next year.

I credit all pictures in this entry to Yong Radzia. She was very energetic, bringing heavy DSLR camera for this trip. Salute, my friend! 

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Shahrin said...

There is always another time....good luck

LM the Traveler said...

thanks, shahrin :)

Rungitom said...

I took the other route, Mesilau. It is much harder than Timpohon but the view are spectacular. Failed to reach the summit though, and I plan for a comeback next year. :)

LM the Traveler said...

yes, i heard about the mesilau. mau exercise banyak sikit la ni and try sana :D

floyd said...

2 weeks of tailored training will not help much unless you are on an active exercise regime. Good attempt tho.

and great captures from on top of Kinabalu here! I like the sunrise shots.

LM the Traveler said...

so ture, floyd. my body weight lagi la... LOL. need to exercise at least 6 months kali tau :D

and yes, love the sunrise too. beautiful!

Yong Radzia said...

Mariah..excited ja lebih bw kamera tu tp yg tukang mengangkatnya pakcik guide aka porter tu juga..haha tu la gmbr sikit.. ermmm..kalo ada next trip from Mesilau..i nk join la...(padahal ari tu kata da insaf)haha
p/s:kalo minta angkat beg tu..timbang awal2..nt beg berat 4kg dia kata 6kg..haha

LM the Traveler said...

uiii.. si suraidah baru balik dari naik sana. dia pakai mesilau route, 2km lebih jauh konon tp dia sampai summit juga.

bah, nxt year la kita naik balik.

pinkdiary said...

wish to join u guys. i love hiking, tramping and climbing as well.

LM the Traveler said...

we can do it nxt year :)

Meitzeu said...

Wahhh!! Awesome!!

Yan said...

salam kenal..

bestnya... dah tua2 ni tak larat nak macam u tu.

Dan Arif said...

I climbed Kinabalu 6 years back.. Almost gave up half way but Alhamdulillah I managed to reach the top.. But kalau suruh panjat balik skarang, kena training balik la coz stamina not as good as dulu :p .. Anyway nice blog ;)

LM the Traveler said...

thanks for the comments guys.
mari training sama-sama, next year climb sama2 :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

There are always next time ^^ I haven't climb the mountain myself.. Thinking of climbing next year but I think I got to start training first and don't get my hopes to high.. haha

zilla said...

saya dan teman2 baru plan nak ke sana September tahun depan..harap2 impian jadi nyata hehehe

LM the Traveler said...

Dora: training must start now :D
Zilla: Kalau September memang sempat training dari sekarang.

zilla said...

LM, kata org sept musim hujan di sana, tidak sesuai utk mendaki, betulkah?

LM the Traveler said...

alah, kalau kawasan pergunungan tiap petang memang hujan tapi kejap je. sabah dipanggil negeri di bawah bayu, terlindung dari typhoon dan hujan yang melampau2. dari januari sampai december sentiasa sesuai utk mendaki. lagipun trak sangat selamat dan ada tangga.

Yong Radzia said...

Yup..kalau ikut masa kita daki tu pun nov masih musim tengkujuh..tapi Alhamdulillah masa atas gunung tu cuaca mmg sporting..hujan petang ja..pagi2 masi mendaki mmg cuaca bagus

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