Community project with Nestle and Raleigh Borneo

I wish I have the time to do more community projects in Sabah (my own State), especially to improve the education among kids in rural areas.

Working as a reporter gave me the opportunity to meet people from other centers, usually from different cultural and economy background.

I have been to a village where the villagers have to walk for two days to the town. And yes, they have to sleep in the jungle. Don't be surprise, this is still happening in Malaysia.

Last week, I was invited by a leading specialist in nutrition, health and wellness products in Malaysia, Nestle to open its 8th rural community pre-school facility in Kampung Lingkabungan Dua funded by the company.

Great Experience!

Situated in Kota Marudu district, one of the most remote and poorest areas in Malaysia, where the local communities mainly live on subsistence farming and tapping rubber, the kindergarten will support the pre-school education of 20-30 local children.

The project was a collaborative effort between Nestle and Raleigh International, an international NGO, which focuses on youth and sustainable development. In just over 9 weeks, 13 young volunteer with the help of some of the local villagers successfully completed the construction of the kindergarten from scratch.

Ok, lets talk how we got there.

We started the journey deep into the jungle about 8am by 10 four-wheel-drive that Nestle rented from the local transportation operator. There were 30 to 40 of us.

Half way, 5 trucks broke down. We have to share the other five. We reach the village about 12pm and depart about 1pm to the town.

I have a few pictures to share with you guys :-)

 Depart from Kota Marudu town at 8am.
 Love my mew hair band ;-)

 Challenging, huh?

 Five trucks got stuck here. Broke down.

 I'm thinking how to reach the village before noon. Another 3-4 kilometers to go. Come on!

 That's me and my reporter friends (national newspaper).

We have to walk through the mud, hoping to catch the other trucks in-front.

 Raleigh International volunteers came to us, helping to carry Nestle products for the villagers.

 Very tough little jeep.

 It's not that bad if you have friends walking in this kind of road. It's fun!
 Finally, we arrived at the village.

 That's the new kindergarten! 

 Press conference after the launching ceremony.

Nestle Executive Director of Human Resource and Group Corporate Affairs, Madam Zainun Nur Abdul Rauf.

 Raleigh Borneo project manager, Sarah.

 Kids of Kampung Lingkabungan Dua

 Raleigh volunteers dancing for us. Love it!

 He bought those birds from his neighbour, RM5 each.

 On the way back, we saw husband and wife cleaning up  their ginger before selling it to town.

Very short trip to the interior but precious experience. This is something that we can't buy with money. I am hoping to do this kind of activity more often. My next traveling destination would be Phnom Penh and Siem Ream, Cambodia on February 2012. I am planning to visit at least one welfare centre, an orphanage maybe to bring some joy to the kids. Buying stationary is in my mind.

P/S: I have seen a lot of projects done by Raleigh Borneo groups. I'm so proud of them.

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Shahrin said...

Good Blog wish i could have followed u

LM the Traveler said...

i wish i have the $$$ to travel the world like u :)

AieSha said...

lain kali boleh ikut jadi volunteers tak?

LM the Traveler said...

kalau berminat boleh hubungi

Raleigh Borneo said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog post Mariah. So glad you could come to the opening of the kindergarten. Thanks for all your great support. Keep in touch!

LM the Traveler said...

Katie: i was there last night at the closing (attended by datuk suzzanah) at perdana park. left after food because it was raining, my little niece was at the playground.

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