First time attending concert abroad: CNBlue, Bangkok!

I am totally not a fan of CNBlue (because I am not a fan of K-Pop) but I'm just curious about how big they are actually. I remembered asking Hana, Najwa and Asmah (Holika Holika contest winners from KL) about the Korean rock band, and of all they said CNBlue is very famous not only in Korea but also Japan and all over Asia, including Malaysia.

I just don't understand how these girls love Korean songs without understanding the lyrics? How can they judge which songs are better? I am still unclear on that.I consider myself as very lucky for being able to witness CNBlue performing in Bangkok in VIP seat, but looking at Hana, Najwa Asmah who were very excited before entering Impact Arena made me even more curious about CNBlue.  

 That's my VIP ticket. Kau ada? LOL.

Hana, Asmah and Najwa of Boice Malaysia, CNBlue's hardcore fan. Boice is CNBlue official fanclub.

It was never crossed in my mind that I will be in Bangkok for a Korean band concert, enjoying RM500 VIP ticket. Never. I can't stop saying 'I am here in Bangkok for Korean band concert'. Hahahaha, no worries Im ok, just overwhelmed.

The concert went very well except the fact that I can't bring camera inside. It's sucks that most of the concert venue doesn't allow you to bring camera inside but this one even worst, they have a special counter where you can surrender your camera, and they will check your body and bag before entering. So, I leave my camera outside and use my Blackberry Torch to capture some pictures and video.
 I have to surrender my camera here

 Crowd at the outside of Impact Arena, Bangkok Thailand before concert

I personally amazed by their performance. They performed 24 songs to a packed stadium, non-stop. This included some of their big hits like "I'm a Loner", "Intuition", and "Love", as well as a few of their popular Japanese tracks such as "Where You Are" and "In My Head". I can't recall the other songs.

 Joey (contest winner from Penang), prepared her own placard.

Obviously the 10,000 fans were all screaming and went crazy. LOL. You can say I am now CNBlue fan, and looking forward to know more about this band. I couldn't understand their language but most of their songs are already translated in English. So, that's easy for me. I also love their energy and great vocal.

With all these photos, I have even uploaded a video onto Youtube. These just for my memory only, but I am sharing with you guys.
About 10,000 CNBlue fans at my back. It shows I am sitting at the front row of VIP seats. Thanks so much to Holika Holika Malaysia.
 The cutest sisters from KK, Seri Park and her sister. I just love their bling-bling tops. True CNBlue fans!

P/S: I thank Holika Holika Malaysia for making this whole trip possible. I am looking forward for your promotions and I must admit that I am really a huge fan of your products. Kamsahamnida!

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floyd said...

That's quite a lot of money spent on a concert you didn't plan to be watching. Hope it was worth it.

LM the Traveler said...

kena sponsor bah, tu la i pigi jak :D

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