Sunset tour with Quad Adventure Cambodia

My butt hurt. LOL.

That was what I got from our final activity in Siem Reap. Carl and I went for a sunset tour by riding Quad Adventure Cambodia ATV motorbike.
 Briefing before riding
We paid USD38 for one ATV (Carl and I shared) with a tour guide. The Sunset tour takes us through 14 kilometers of the countryside immediately surrounding Siem Reap and ends with a beautiful view of the setting sun as it dips below the rice fields.
The countryside of Siem Reap, luckily it was not raining.
Carl and I shared a bike
An unforgettable experience indeed, cause this is one of the activity that I was terrified especially the riding around the rice field and the kids will come and run to the edge of the road and wave madly at you and shake your hands as you go past. Carl decided to stop for a few minutes to take pictures with the children. They are all beautiful and camera friendly!

Beautiful and cheerful children of Siem Reap
Our guide, Visal who did a great job was very helpful. He even took our picture with the children.
Sunset at the other part of Siem Reap
After the sunset, we were gone far longer than the one hour we paid for but Visal never complain or asking for more payment. Great experience and I really recommend this tour. And Im glad, Carl loved it.
Received a certificate from the owner of Quad Adventure Cambodia
Thank you a lot for the unforgettable experience. The whole drive was fabulous! This final activity has touches my heart because it is totally different from what the world has portrayed Siem Reap, Angkor Wat.This is something different and this type of different is a good thing.Til we meet again!
Merci :-)

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dekdaa said...

Waaaaaaa bestnya naik ATV ni... kat area nama apa kah?

Rindu la, seriously rindu... ermm cambodia in my heart (india toooo) ^,^

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