Letting go my 3D2N stay at Best Western, Pangkor

I am letting go my 3D2N stay (for two) at Best Western, Marina Island Resort Pangkor, which I won at the Sabah Hotel Association Carnival Nite 2012 lucky draw recently.

Expiring 20th September (still got time)! I can't travel until November because of my wedding preparations.

But its not free of charge tho. I want postcards as an exchange (and you are required to "WRITE" something on it. give me any quotes on traveling). LOL. Please don't blame me being so obsessed with postcrossing, its a good deal, right?

Faster, please email me your address at ladymariah@gmail.com and I will courier the voucher ASAP. Send me the postcards (minimum 10) after receiving my parcel.

Not interested? NVM Im just trying my luck (for the postcards) ;-)

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Diana Diane Teo said...

Expiring on 22 September? Means must stay there by 22 September? If yes, I really wish I could go but unfortunately I not around.

LM the Traveler said...

what to do la... will try to contact the hotel manager if he can give more time, or change it to another voucher :P

LM the Traveler said...

OMG! i just checked. its not 22nd but 20th Sept. Hopefully I still can courier the voucher.

Tausch-Fee said...

Hey Mariah :-)

Thank you so much for the postcrossing-card...the Orang Utans are so cute...what a pleasure :-)

Greetings from Germany from Tausch-Fee


LM the Traveler said...

Tausch-Lee! Im glad you like the picture. Hope we can do it again :)

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