Kiteboarding at Bulabog Beach

Although I live near the beaches and islands, but Kota Kinabalu City does not give me the advantage to watch people kiteboarding. It is an extreme sport, I guess, but after watching hundreds of tough people surfing their kites at Bulabog Beach of Boracay, I found this water sport is safe and fun to watch!

It was our second time visiting Boracay and we were very excited to discover every single activities in the island apart from the wild nightlife and wonderful sunset at the White Beach.

Carl and I walked from D'Mall of Station 2 to Bulabog Beach. We knew about this particular beach from the staff at our accommodation. He said Bulabog Beach is a place for upper class people to play their expensive sport, Kiteboarding.
I did a little bit of research on by Blackberry before heading to the beach. Kiteboarding in the Philippines, particularly on Boracay Island has been rated by Yahoo travel as the one of the top 10 beach destinations in the world. Although this sport is not for me, but I am sure there is no harm in watching as long as you won't get hurt.

We spent 2-3 hours there, saw hundreds of surfers enjoying themselves and doing so many extreme moves. Carls was very excited looking at them. He even wanted to go for a short class, but when we asked around, it was very expensive and very heavy on our pocket. Discovery kiteboarding lessons available at about US100. At least, we know the price, so next time we can save more US Dollar for this particular activity.

During the 2-3 hours there, we also saw people who walk their dogs on the beach, while some are just doing their running, while the local vendors are walking around and offering you their local products such as accessories made by shells, honey, food, etc.

Memorable experience, and this sport is definitely an eye opener for me to try something new before I close my eyes. Another reason for us to visit Boracay ;-)

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Meitzeu said...

That's a lot of kiteboarding! Awesome!!

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TheBoracayBeach said...

For water sports enthusiast, bulabog beach of Boracay island is the perfect place to stay at. :)

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