Willy's Rock: The Most Photographed Spot in Boracay

Many people said Willy's Rock at Station 1 of the White Beach, Boracay Island is the most photographed natural landmark in Boracay. I believed it because when you google 'Boracay', Willy's Rock will appear the most in the google image. Some people even said you will never been to Boracay until you took a photo with Willy's Rock.

When my friends and I visited Boracay about two years ago, we don't have the opportunity to enjoy this particular spot because we were very busy with our island hopping, sunset and swimming at Station 2.

On my recent visit with my husband (Carl) in January 2013 we went to Willy's Rock and took lots of photographs. We stayed at Station 3 because of the tight budget, so we walked to Willy's Rock early in the morning to avoid the heat from the afternoon sun. Willy's Rock is accessible by foot during low tide (so morning is the best time to be there), but bare in mind the distance between Station 3 to Station 1 is about 5km. I honestly regretted walking from Station 3 to Station1 after I found our the tricycle fare is only PHP100 (compare to the pain of my leg cramp. Im not that fit. Sigh!)

What is so special about Willy's Rock? Well, it's just a rock. Nothing really special here, but since most visitors said its a must visit place, we took the opportunity to walked there and now sharing these pictures. We also ordered two fruit shakes from Jonah's, Fruitshake, a famous restaurant a couple meters away.

 Carl's special pose on the coconut tree, with Willy's Rock at the back

 Willy's Rock from Jonah's Fruitshake

 Amazing view of Station 1

The newlywed, with Willy's Rock at the back.

Overall, if Bali has its Tanah Lot, Boracay has its Willy's Rock. It might not that special for some people, but we were very happy to have these pictures because we can have the memory of being here, only the two of us, forever. The best part, we can share our experience with our friends and family by showing the photographs. 

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Belle Edwin said...

shioknya...iya...mimang the most captured tu scene kan...btw, kamu pg sana...mimang beli pakej ka tu ground arrangement?

LM the Traveler said...

Hi, Belle.
Saya dan suami buat research sendiri, lagipun kami sudah pernah pigi 2 tahun lepas. Kami arrange sendiri. Flight KK-Clark (Airasia) dan lepas tu flight Clark-Kalibo (Airasia).

Tapi since sekarang Airasia sudah tiada flight KK-Clark, so dari KK ambil flight Cebu Pacific dari KK-Manila, lepas tu pakai Philippines Airlines dari Manila-Kalibo. Kadang-kadang ada promotion juga tu.

Travel pigi Boracay agak mudah buat arrangement sendiri.

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