Sabah Fest 2013- Injin Puput- Passage to the Heart of Borneo

The much awaited cultural extravaganza that is Sabah Fest returns with another spectacular show highlighting Sabah's diverse people, their cultures and traditions. The musical performance 'Injin Puput- Passage to the Heart of Borneo' will be held on the 3rd and 4th of May at the Auditorium Kompleks JKKN Sabah starting at 8.30pm.
This year, take a journey back in time on Sabah's North Borneo Railway as Sabah Fest 2013 presents 'Injin Puput-Passage to the Heart of Borneo', a story of Aki Guonun, a Murut warrior in love with Mei Ling, a woman from a cultural background alien to his.

'Injin Puput' will take you back to the different eras in Sabah- from the legends of Batu Punggul and the construction of the North Borneo Railway before and after World War II.

Explore the uniqueness of the cultural heritage of districts along the North Borneo Railway route. Experience the best of Sabah with all five senses at the the Sabah Fest Cultural Extravaganza 2013- a celebration of Sabah's natural charms!

Be delighted by a spectre of  vibrant theatrical performances, pocket shows, food, as well as traditional handicraft exhibitions and demonstrations which will be performed by local craft makers and artisans.
Catch these exciting program lineups from 10am to 10pm gallery the venue throughout the two-day event.

Tickets sells at RM50 per show. For more information, please contact Miss Jane Lai of Sri Pelancongan Sabah at 088-232121 or Miss Shirley Tao of Sabah Tourism Board at 088-212121, email or visit the event website

Picture above was taken at the closing of Sabah Fest 2009. It was a wonderful experience. Don't forget to take pictures with the dancers if you are coming this time around. I will be going again this year! Please say Hi if you see me ya...

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I think I will be going this time! Missed the last.

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