Sabah Fest 2013, I was there.

Two days before the polling day I managed to escaped from the 'chaos' of campaigning activities. It was entertaining to watch something really really good like musical performance, especially when you are busy with something.

It was awesome performance, but I personally prefer the 2009 and 2010 theme. This year, I love the storyline especially the main actor, Janrywine J. Lusin is my former colleague. So, consider my attendance as a moral support to him.

Overall, I loved it.

Injin Puput, the theme of this year Sabah fest tells the story of a grandfather, Aki Arusop and his grandson, Aaron going on a train ride along the west coast of Sabah. While at it, Aki Arusop reminiscences his father, Aki Gounon’s love story with a Chinese girl, Mei Ling. The musical started with a Murut warrior having a premonition of the arrival of British which was also a forecast of the  appearance of Vulcan trains which is extended into the heart of Sabah.

These are some pictures I took from SABAH, Malaysian Borneo Facebook Page. My seat was at the front row, so I can't move here and there to take pictures, I am afraid if I am blocking the other audience at the back. Plus, the Head of State Tun Juhar Mahiruddin was the guest of honour on that night.

I am hoping for a better performances next year, and I always love to see the Murut's 'mangunatip' at the closing. I also prefer if the audience can come on the stage at the end of the show, like I always do when the venue of Sabah Fest was still in Magellan Sutera. JKKN's stage is very small, and the stage just nice for the dancers.

Anyway, thumbs up to everyone. You guys rox!

P/S: Next year, please consider to bring the Tombonuo ethnic of Pitas to Sabah Fest.

Photos by Sabah Information Department

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