A night at Kiram's Village, Kundasang

My two days and one night stay at Kiram's Village with my husband, brother and his wife was memorable and full of love.

At 6.30am (from home at Telipok), we proceed with overland journey on sealed road to Kundasang and had a spectacular view of the beautiful ridges, beautiful rolling hills, lush green forests and rocky shorelines.

We arrived Kundasang Town before 9am, and bought four tickets to enter Kundasang War Memorial (RM2 per pax). I have been here a few times, but Kundasang War Memorial is one of MUST VISIT tourist destinations here that you should not ignore. Reading information about the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II, it reminds us the story of the per-independence and appreciate what we have today.

After an emotional visit to Kundasang War Memorial, we headed to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Ticket is RM4 per pax. The main attraction is not the cattle, but the spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu. It is better to be in Kundasang before noon, before the clouds covering the mountain.

Please take pictures at the farm because once you post it in your Facebook or Instagram, people would think you are in New Zealand. I don't know why (never been there), but many people says the same thing. So, we also took a few pictures (to pretend that we are in NZ. Funny!).

Jeng... Jeng... Jeng... Highlight of the day is Kiram's Village.

Kiram's Village is located at Kampung Mesilau, about 5 minutes drive from Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. The owner's son is my former colleague, but I am not paid for this post (I wish. LOL.). I honestly love the place, especially its gardens planted around the walkway to the cabins.

I booked Celery Cabin as it has 2 rooms for only RM150 (normal price during peak seasons is between RM200 to RM280). Kitchen and kitchen utensils are available for free of charge, but you have to pay another RM10 for the barbeque set and RM5 for the coal.

If you are lazy to cook, there is a small cafe next to the office where they will be able to cook something up for you. Inform them earlier if you have any special request. The operators are very friendly and they will treat you like a family.

I love everything about the simple cabin, except its non-working shower (or the water is too cold) and the an hour blackout around 7pm right after we finished barbequing our chicken wings and satay.

Please bring right clothing including socks and jackets, book and Astro card (if necessary) unless you are willing to pay another RM20 for their card. Internet connection is good (Wifi is FOC). My husband brought lots of instant drinks. Hot chocolate or Milo is good enough to keep you warm.
Wake up early for photo opportunity. 6 or 7am is the best timing for a clear view of Mount Kinabalu. Two days in Kundasang is enough to cover a number of attractions. Poring Hot Spring, National Park and Sabah Tea Garden are among places of interest. If you have the stamina, go climb the mountain. It requires two days to reach the summit.
Til we meet again. Kopivosian!

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Bossing said...

Hi there, Blog Walking! Alawa tempat dia kan..

BibiErr Karim said...

I went here with my girlfriends, sometime in 2010. Still remember the beautiful landscapes Kirams offered us. I wish to come back here soon. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the place name a bit scary oo..hehe..ok ba kan sini?not the real jamalul kiram ba kan?

LM the Traveler said...

Hehehehe. no la, bukan Sultan Sulu's Kiram tu. Memang pure Sabahan, my friend's family business juga ni... Tiada kaitan with the intruders.

Anonymous said...

Nk tnye ckit bole?dari kiram ke cattle farm klu jalan kaki jauh ke?

LM the Traveler said...

hi there, thanks for reading. taoi I think tak boleh jalan kaki la from Kiram's to the Cattle Farm sebab jalan di sini bukit-bukau agak jauh jalan kaki, kena ada kereta untuk going around.

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