Airasia zero fair is back, but I didn't purchase any

Traveling has always been my passion, and almost every year I will purchase at least one return ticket during Airasia zero fair. But this year, I did not buy any.

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant (my first baby) and I want to plan my traveling schedule when my precious is about 1-year-old, just to avoid any problem involving health or documentations. Husband and I are excited for the baby and we have been discussing about traveling with him (yes, its a baby boy :) ) when he is about to start walking.

No regret at all. At least, we can focus on our savings and the baby.

We won't be flying for the next 12 months (will see. LOL.), but we will be traveling around Sabah by car (hopefully). Road trip is another activity that we should consider. It's going to be fun especially when the baby is going to be our priority. At least, we learn how to travel with toddler.

Anyway, have fun with your bookings, guys!

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dekdaa said...

Same here.
Tp semalam grab jgk la tiket domestic.. tu pun my baby dah 10months time tu... yg bestnya tiket kami laki bini rm110 return TAPI INFANTS RM100 SEORANG RETURN... aduh, makan hati!

Lavender said...

wahh! dah nak dekat bersalin ni.. tahniah! semoga dipermudahkan

LM the Traveler said...

Dekdaa: I mungkin akan consider untuk travel domestic bila baby dah besar sikit tapi kalau international tu tak berani la kalau baby still kecil. Tunggu dia besar sikit la.

Lavender: My EDD is 7th March but yesterday buat scan kat private clinic doctor cakap maybe 2nd March. Menghitung hari la ni...

dekdaa said...

Ya setuju... utk fly oversea... tunggu baby besar sikit.
Kecik2 tak best sebab nanti besar dia tak buleh nak cerita pengalaman pergi tempat tu.. at least biar dia ingat apa yg dia buat masa travel :D

The Travelling 3o said...

Hi, kami 3 sekawan baru je launch travel blog. 1st entry pasal New Zealand. Kalau ada masa datang la singgah & bg feedback :) Don't we all love to travel?

Terima kasih!

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