Roadtrip to Kudat

Dear friends, so sorry for the long silence. I delivered my first child, Qayyum Mikhail (We are calling him Q) on March 8th 2014 (same day with the MH370 tragedy) and I since the first day I hold him in my hands all I want to do is to spend my precious time with him.

This year is not a traveling year for us because packing baby's stuff can be hassle. Wait until Q able to walk and carry his own backpack.

However, a roadtrip is something that we can do.

On Q's 7th month birthday, hubby Carl and I decided to have a roadtrip to Kudat. Carl said he never been to Kudat, and he really want to see the famous Tip of Borneo. I booked a room at Kudat Golf & Marina Resort for one night and requested them to bake a cake (decided to celebrate Carl's belated birthday). No more staying at backpackers until baby is 4 years for safety reason. 

We started our journey from home at Telipok in the morning, arrived Marina about three hours later. We had lunch at the hotel after checked in and had a short nap as we are planning to visit the Tip of Borneo.

We left Marina for Tip of Borneo around 3pm after having tea at the poolside. Carl was shocked when the staff delivered a cake on our table. I didn't told him about the cake because it suppose to be a surprise treat to both of my favorite boys in my life. The fruit cake was yummy!
After having three slices of the delicious cake I let Carl to hold the baby and I drove to the Tip of Borneo. We used GPS and Waze. Arrived a few minutes before 4pm, and the weather was awesome! We walked from the entrance to the end as vehicle are not allowed to enter.

Tip of Borneo in English is locally known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, while the local natives called this place Simpang Mangazou. It is known as  is the northernmost tip of Borneo. The tip marks the meeting point of the South China Sea and Sulu Sea.

There are a number of backpackers at the Tip of Borneo.
Tommy's Place is one of low price accommodations available at the Tip of Borneo. Some day, I will try their little tiny resorts because many people say it is suitable for budget traveler.

After about two hours there, we headed back to Kudat town and made a final stop at Kudat Esplanade for dinner. We spent around RM35 for fresh seafood. We had rice with butter prawn, steam fish and vegetables.

The nightlife in Kudat is located at the Esplanade where you can try variety of food, mostly seafood until late night. That's all. Continue your journey to discover Kudat during the day.

We slept quite early because Carl wanted to swim at the pool in the morning.

We had our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. There was no buffet, but we had to choose whether local or American breakfast. I took local Nasi Lemak while Carl ordered the American breakfast. He prefer bread and eggs.

Overall, our roadtrip was relaxing and we enjoyed it. Everything was perfect.

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