Picnic at Simpang Mengayau

Who doesn't love a picnic!

On our final day of office trip to Bavanggazo Longhouse, we decided to bring the kids for a barbeque picnic at Simpang Mengayau beach. We woke up not so early in the morning, breakfast and get some fresh fish from Kudat market.

The ladies did the marinating, while the dudes did the barbeque. 

The kids actually has repeatedly been asking to go to the beach. They wanted to play with the sand.

I must say Simpany Mengayau beach has the potential to be the main attraction for the locals and also tourists but there must be a continuous maintenance of the place. What a beautiful place with white sand but sadly there is no proper toilet and garbage bins. People are throwing plastic everywhere, and I did not see it is heading to a right direction.

I personally love picnic because we did it very often when I was small. I do not agree Simpang Mengayau to be commercialized because it will prevent the local from accessing the place like they used to be. I just want the local authority to maintain the cleanliness of the place and open it for the public as usual.

When we were at the beach, I saw  many local brought their family because it was school holiday. Children were playing with the sand, teenagers helping their parents preparing the food and the rest were just relaxing and walking around enjoying the hot breeze.

If you think preparing for a picnic sounds like too much of a hassle, think again. With a little bit of planning, you can pull off a picnic to make a day with your kiddos extra memorable. Like what we did during this trip, he only things we prepared were the chili, ketchup, plates and picnic mat. Tadaaa...

If you are planning to come here with your children for a barbeque picnic and have extra time to do preparation, do not forget to bring old blanket (to cover whatever you want to cover), napkins (you will need this if you bringing children to wipe them up), spoon, knife, wet wipes, lot of water, sun screen, bug spray and plastic bags for your waste. Please do not leave your rubbish behind. Respect the mother nature!

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