What I miss the most about Boracay!

One more week, hubby and I will be in Boracay for our honeymoon. We have been there in 2011 with friends. I must admit, Boracay is a great place for honeymoon because of the romance side of it. Laughter, the food, romance, crystal clear ocean and wonderful hospitality are very much a part of Boracay's offer. Even Philippines Tourism Department has recently launched a new video campaign highlighting the Philippines as a "romantic destination." We can't afford to get married there, so, I think honeymoon is good enough.

What I miss the most about Boracay? Seeing tents on the beach, watching kids surf better than you, the delicious taste of food, wonderful hospitality and beautiful scenery. Cant wait for next week. Will see you soon, Boracay!

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zette said...

really? is that boroccay that lovely? i wish i knew this before... i wonder, is the muslim food over there is easy to find?

LM the Traveler said...

yes, boracay is beautiful.
muslim food is not easy to find but there are several numbers of middle east restaurants available in station 2. when i visited boracay in 2011, all of us went to a muslim warung located at the white beach, at the back of d'mall.

LM the Traveler said...

local vendors at d'talipapa also selling halal food. most of sellers at the station 3 d'talipapa are mulsims.

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